Tarte Shape Tape Fair Beige Concealer Review + Swatch

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Tarte Shape Tape is one of the most talked about concealers in the beauty community! Most people that try it highly recommend it, which is exactly why I had to pick it up! It claims to sculpt and highlight, while masking imperfections with full coverage! Sounds perfect to me!

Tarte Shape Tape Review and Swatch

When I first looked at the concealer in stores, I was shocked at the shade range! The lightest shade (Fair) is extremely light – perfect for porcelain skintones! Usually, I have to buy the lightest shade in foundations and concealers, so I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case for this concealer! I ended up swatching most of the lighter shades, and picked up Fair Beige. It’s the third lightest shade, but I’d say it’s more of a cool-toned ivory shade. The shade range seemed to be great all across the board, which is what every brand needs!

The liquid concealer comes with a large doe-foot applicator, that makes it really easy to apply the product! I find that the tube has a good stopper on it, so that the applicator doesn’t carry a ton of product on it. I usually only use liquid concealers for under the eyes and to highlight areas of my face – so I don’t mind that I’m dipping into the product multiple times!

For a concealer, this formula is really thick! I’m used to a lighter consistency when it comes to a liquid concealer! The first time I applied this, I applied WAY too much! Not only is the formula thick, but the actual concealer is extremely full coverage! I’ve learned to apply this in ‘dots’ instead lining this under the eyes the way I would normally apply concealer. I find that if you apply even just a little too much, that you can have problems with blending and creasing. I apply more to the inner corner of my eye, and then keep blending outwards until I get the coverage that I want. I find that this is the best way to keep it looking as natural as possible!

Tarte Shape Tape Review and Swatch

With the full coverage and thicker consistency, I find that this concealer lasts without any issues. I usually wear my makeup for around 12 hours, and I didn’t have any problems with it lasting that amount of time! The first few times I wore this, I had a lot of problems with creasing, but I’ve learned to apply less product close to the lines under my eyes! You don’t need much at all!

Unfortunately, I’ve been finding that my skin has been reacting a little weird to this product. I’ve had a few spots around the areas where I apply it, especially if I apply too much! I’m not sure if it’s clogging my pores, or what is happening with it! I’ve learned that if I apply it strictly under my eyes, I don’t have any issues, but if I bring it down my nose, on my cheekbones, or on my chin (to highlight), I usually end up breaking out. We all know how picky my skin is, so I’m not entirely surprised by this! It is just a little disappointing though!

Even with the concealer not interacting with my skin well, I really am starting to love this concealer! The coverage is amazing, and it stays put all day! I find that you only need a small amount of the product, which makes it really easy to apply quickly! If you’re looking for a full coverage concealer, I would check this one out!

Have you tried Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer? What are some of your favorite concealers? Let me know in the comments below! 


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