Sunday Snapshot: August 6, 2017

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Hello, lovely subscribers!

I have decided to create a weekly “Sunday Snapshot” post! I want to use this a weekly review of any new posts on the blog, but also use it as a way share what I’ve been doing in my everyday life! I’ve been wanting to add a more personal touch to the blog, and I feel like this is going to be perfect. I want to use this as a way to interact with my subscribers, so please make sure you comment and tell me anything that you’ve been up to this week as well!

Beauty & Lifestyle Blog - Sunday Snapshot

Blog Review:

I only got a few posts out this week, but I hope you were able to read each one! Definitely check out my Gift Card Giveaway to see how you can win a $25 Ulta gift card, just by subscribing to my monthly newsletter!

Life Update:

The past week was pretty hectic! We ended up spending the last half of the week and weekend with at my parents. On Saturday evening, we went on a riverboat dinner cruise in Cincinnati. I’ve never done anything like this, but all four of us had a great time!

The start of the cruise was right across the river from Great American Ball Park, and there was a home game last night! I was able to take one picture of the view (see below), as I may have forgotten to charge my phone and it died about 10 minutes into the cruise (oops!). As we were headed back in (and the sun had set), it was so beautiful to see the stadium lit up! Overall, we all had a great time!


I’ve got quite a few posts coming up in the next couple of days – including the Models Own Sculpt & Glow Palette and my Skincare Routine! If you have any posts you’d like to see, let me know in the comments!

Week in Instagram Pictures:

Had a beautiful evening on the river! 💕 #riverboat

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What did you do over the weekend? Is there anything special you’re looking forward to this upcoming week? Let me know in the comments below! 

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