MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation Review

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MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation has been one of my favorites for many, many years! I recently picked it up in my June Ulta Haul, and I was so excited to bring it back into my makeup routine! It creates full coverage, with a beautiful finish – just what I am looking for!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation

One of the great things about this foundation is that MAC has almost 50 shades to choose from! This is one of the reasons why I always love MAC products – you’re always able to find a perfect shade match! Their shades range from fair to dark, but you’re also able to choose whether you want the shade in a warm or cool undertone. This makes it so easy to find one that will blend into the skin perfectly!

In addition to the large shade range, I also love MAC packaging! Their normal line has always been in matte, black compacts, which I think look very sleek! The compacts for the Studio Fix Powder are a little bulkier than some of their others – only because they have a spot in the compact to keep the sponge separate from powder. Since, I don’t use the sponge to apply it, this isn’t a feature I love, but it is nice for those that do!

To apply the foundation, I usually use either a kabuki brush or fluffy powder brush – depending on what coverage I’m looking for. I use this powder by itself some days, but I also use it over a liquid foundation to create a full coverage look. If I’m looking to use the powder by itself, I’ll use the kabuki brush to buff to product into the skin and create medium coverage. If I’m using the powder on top of liquid foundation, I’ll use a fluffy powder brush to lightly apply the powder over the liquid foundation to set it. This normally creates a medium to full coverage base, depending on how much powder you apply!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation

The coverage of this powder foundation is outstanding! By itself, the powder gives medium coverage, which is hard to find in a powder foundation! It blends flawlessly, and you don’t have to spend a ton of time buffing it into the skin. I don’t find that the powder is too thick, or ever becomes cakey on the skin. It almost melts into the skin to create a beautiful, natural-looking base to the skin. After application, this powder lasts very well on the skin. With my oily skin, I find that the powder keeps me matte longer, and does a good job at lasting, at least, a full eight hours (but usually much longer)!

With the coverage, shade range, and easy application, this is my favorite powder foundation! I have yet to find another one that performs as well as this one! If you’re looking for something to amp up your beauty routine, this is it!

What is your favorite powder foundation? Have you tried MAC’s Studio Fix? Let me know in the comments below! 😊


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