Korres Jasmine Lip Butter Review

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One of the most dreaded things in the winter is dry lips! I’m always on the lookout for a good lip balm for during the day – something that lasts on the lips, but doesn’t feel super sticky. Korres Lip Butters are just that and they are the perfect lip balm to use!


Korres Lip Butters were one of my go-to products years ago! I had a few different shades, but Jasmine but was my favorite. For a little while, the lip butters became hard to find, and I could no longer find them in store. I ended up trying some other products, but nothing compared to this and I knew it was time to repurchase. At just $12.00 for .21 oz, the lip butters are extremely fairly priced!

Korres Jasmine Lip Butter (Sephora)

Made with natural oils and extracts, the lip butters are made to soothe and condition the lips. The different shades are meant to create a pop of color for dry lips! Jasmine is sheer, neutral pink that creates a smooth finish to the lips. I love using Jasmine because it’s the perfect neutral shade, but it does give the lips just a slight pink hue. I’ve found that their other shades were either a little too bright and the clear shade gave a pale, white tint to the lips – which I didn’t love!

The lip balm comes in a container, so you do have to use your fingers or lip brush to apply! The consistency feels almost gel-like and applies without feeling extremely heavy on the lips! I don’t find that the lip balm is sticky at all and although it looks very similar to a gloss, it feels more like a chapstick! On the lips, it lasts for few hours, but definitely needs to be reapplied after eating or drinking! But, it does do a great job of protecting the lips and conditioning them!

The Korres Lip Butter is my favorite lip balm to use during the day – no matter the season! The Jasmine shade gives off a perfect glossy pink tint to the lips and it conditions better than any other chapstick I’ve owned! It’s the perfect addition to any makeup collection!

What is your favorite lip balm to use daily? Let me know in the comments below! 😊


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