J.Cat Beauty Crystal Sand Highlighter Review + Swatch

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I love finding new highlighters! The shade and intensity of your highlighter can completely change your look, and they can be so fun to change up. J.Cat Beauty is a new brand for me, but this highlighter looked like a must have!

J.Cat Beauty Crystal Sand Highlighter Review + Swatch featured

J.Cat has six different shades of their You Glow Girl Baked Highlighters – from a golden white to a golden bronze shade. Crystal Sand is a pinky, beige highlight. The packaging is plain, but it does have a clear top so you can easily see the highlighter! Each of the highlighters is done with a different design – Crystal Sand has a more basic, ring design. All six shades look stunning in the packaging, but Crystal Sand looked like the perfect everyday shade!

J.Cat Beauty Crystal Sand Highlighter Review + Swatch featured

I was expecting the texture of the highlighter to be smooth, like some of the baked products from MAC or Laura Gellar. Unfortunately, this was much different. It feels a little rough to the touch, and it almost reminds me of glitter. However, once applied, the texture completely changes! It applies smoothly, and extremely pigmented. It has a foiled look to it that pops on the skin! It applies so strongly, that you need to make sure to blend it well! I usually go back over it with my powder brush to blend out any harsh lines! This blends it into the skin a little more, but still keeps the intensity! Stunning!

J.Cat Beauty Crystal Sand Highlighter Review + Swatch featured

Crystal Sands has become one of my favorite highlighters over the past few weeks! It applies beautifully and stays strong all day long! The shade goes with any look, and makes the skin look beautiful!

What are some of your favorite highlighters to use right now? Let me know in the comments below!

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