How Did I Get Into Beauty?

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Many of you may wonder how I ever got into beauty and what pushed me to start my beauty blog. Well let’s just say, it’s been years in the making!

It was about eight years ago that I stumbled across one of Elle Fowler’s YouTube videos. I’d never watched anything like this on YouTube! I had no idea that there was a “beauty world” on YouTube; nor did I ever imagine what the beauty world would turn into in the years to come. I loved watching new videos daily, from Elle and other up-and-comers as well! It was relaxing, informative, and entertaining. It pushed me to want to try to new products and looks, which I would have never done before I discovered the videos. It taught me a love and appreciation for beauty that I never had before!

In the midst of watching videos, I decided to tryout creating my very own beauty blog. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t what I wanted at that time. I couldn’t create it the way I wanted, nor did I have the knowledge to. I kept it around, but I knew it wasn’t the ‘finished’ product like I wanted it to be.

After watching YouTube videos for about three to four years and creating the blog, I decided to start making my own videos, too. I loved being able to show my favorite products and talk about them, and filming just became easy and fun! I ended up doing makeup videos and vlogs for about two years. I used the blog to promote the videos and list out the products and links. It was fun and something I loved to do! But in May of 2015, I graduated from college, got a full-time job, and life just changed started changing rapidly! It became more and more difficult to find time to film, so I stopped all together.

Between then and now, however, my love for beauty hasn’t changed one bit. I still love to watch the newest releases and buy beauty products on a regular basis! And I still love watching the YouTube videos and reading blogs – nothing has changed! However, finally being settled into my new job and my new life, I had found myself wanting to get back to sharing my favorite beauty products in blog form, as regularly as I could. And now, here we are with the brand new MacyxMakeup!

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