Favorite High-End Beauty Brands

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I love finding brands that have multiple beauty products I can use on an every day basis, and there are some great high-end brands that have some absolutely amazing products! Here are my top five favorite high-end beauty brands to use right now.

High End Beauty Products

Urban Decay

Urban DecayUrban Decay is one of my favorite brands for a few different products! I was introduced into the brand years ago with their Primer Potion! It’s one of the best eyeshadow primers on the market, and I always keep a tube in my makeup collection! Around this same time, they released their Shadow Boxes, which I fell in love with! Not only was the packaging fun, but they always came with quite a few different colors. I used to be more adventurous in my eyeshadows, and these palettes had the perfect range of shadows for this. Once they released their Naked palettes, I was hooked! Neutrals are my go-to shadows, and these shadows have the best formula and pigmentation.

After loving their shadows, it wasn’t long after that I started branching out into their other products. I fell in love with their Naked Concealer – both the fair skintone shade and the pink shade! I’ve always looked at their foundations, but I believe they are just a touch to dark for my skintone, so I’ve never tried these out! One of my latest finds from the brand, has been their highlighters! Absolutely stunning!

Over the years, I’ve loved the way this brand has transitioned! They still have a strong creative side with their eyeshadows, but their other products have such sleek packaging! I’m always drawn into their products.


TarteTarte has definitely made a name for itself over the last couple of years. It seems to be one of the brands that’s really moving forward with each product they release. I started off trying the brand with their Amazonian Clay Blushes! Each blush is extremely pigmented, and the shades are beautiful! As a Point Perk a few months back, I got a small gift that included one of the blushes and small size of one of their Creamy Matte Lip Paints. I was so impressed! The consistency of the lip paints were thin, but so pigmented. They didn’t feel heavy on the lips at all, and stayed so well! I recently picked up the shade Festival because I wanted a new shade to try out. I’ve heard amazing things about their eyeshadows and their palettes are so gorgeous (the shadows and the palettes themselves). I recently picked up the In Bloom Palette, but I haven’t tested this out yet. The swatches are amazing, so I have super high hopes!

In the past, I’ve tried out a few of their skincare products. I purchased the Maracuja oil, which was the first I’ve tried of an oil. I loved using this at night to add an extra boost into my moisturizers! I also used the Maracuja Eye Treatment, which I really enjoyed too! It was a nice consistency that really hydrated the skin around the eyes, but I never felt that it was too heavy. Since I love to try new products, I never have repurchased either of these, but I definitely would in the future.

I definitely think the Tarte brand has made a name for itself over the past couple of years! All of their products are of amazing quality, and I’ve yet to find something I’m disappointed in!


Benefit San Francisco CosmeticsHello, gorgeous packaging! Benefit takes the win for best packaging and being able to catch your eye! I will say a lot of the product purchases I’ve made from Benefit have been because of their beautiful packaging and fun colors. One of my favorite products from Benefit is their boxed blushes! Coralista has been my go-to over the years. It was the perfect flush for my skin tone, and I always gravitated towards it summer or winter. I’ve also recently tried out Dallas and GALifornia! Each one has amazing pigmentation and a beautiful color.

In the past, I used their Creaseless Cream Shadows, but those have since been discontinued! I loved the shades of these – especially RSVP and Birthday Suit! I was so sad to hear that they were being taken down, and I haven’t heard of anything replacing them! Hopefully, in the future they’ll have something similar!

I love how Benefit can attract their customers with their packaging! They make everything fun, which I think helps to excite people about new products! They have a variety of different products (which I’m no where near trying them all), but everything I’ve tried has always been great!

MAC Cosmetics

MAC CosmeticsI have been using MAC Cosmetics for years! It was one of the first brands I started using when I got into makeup! They are more of a ‘professional’ line, where they have a ton of products for professional makeup artistry. I love the wide range of products and shades they have! The first thing I ever bought when I went into MAC was one of their Studio Finish Concealer. I always had such a hard time finding my perfect shade with my skin being very fair with pink undertones. I loved the wide range of shades they had for their foundations and concealers, and I was able to find my perfect concealer shade. I used this concealer for a VERY long time, and I just recently switched to something different.

Along with the concealer, I was able to find the Studio Fix Powder Foundation. It is one of the best powder foundations! I just recently picked it up in a haul from Ulta (they just started selling MAC a couple of months ago). I’m so glad to have it back in my collection!

With their awesome shade range, MAC releases different collections all the time. I used to love this when I was younger! It was always fun to purchase the new products and try out a wide range of eye shadows, paint pots, and blushes. Paint Pots are another product that I’ll never stop using! I currently own Painterly which I love to use as a base for all eye looks. I love a few other shades, but as I’ve gotten out of using a ton of eyeshadow, Painterly is the only one I keep on hand!

With MAC, I don’t think you can find a horrible product! If you know what you like and what works with your skin, it’s so easy to try out tons of different products! I love their wide range and quality of the products!


NARS CosmeticsNars is one of my favorites for some of their unique products! They have such sleek packaging that I love with everything they release (whether or not I like the color). Like MAC, they have releases each season for new products, which I always get sucked into. However, some of their original products are some of the best! I originally got into the brand because of their blushes! They have the popular Orgasm shade, which is a beautiful coral-pink that looks great on everybody! A few years back, I ended up getting a sample of this blush and the Laguna bronzer! I loved both! It was shortly after that they came out with Spring Collection and I picked up the Gaiety Blush. It was a beautiful, bright (but cool-toned) pink! I loved it!

Just recently, I started getting back into the brand when I tried out the Nars Soft Matte Concealer! This is one of the most amazing concealers (and it replaced my MAC Studio Finish)! In addition, I picked up the Seaside Light Diffusing Bronzer and I’ve been loving it as well! Every product I try, I’m always surprised by how great it is!

Nars has so many amazing products, that I’m sure everyone could find something they love! Their packaging is sleek and professional, and their products are always high quality! Love, love, love!

What are some of your favorite high-end brands? Let me know in the comments below! 

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