Essie TLC Tone It Up Review + Swatch

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After only releasing three original shades with their TLC line, Essie finally released a large collection with tons of different shades! I had purchased all three of the original shades and loved having them for when I wanted something sheer on my nails. The new releases from Essie included not only sheer shades, but also but colorful shades! Tone It Up was one of the first shades to really catch my eye!


Tone It Up is described as a ‘plum taupe,’ which I think is a pretty accurate description. I think the plum pulls a cool-gray undertone, which makes it a great color for fall and winter! This is a very different color than the original shades that has been released with the TLC line originally. These shades were extremely sheer, so I was hesitant to try a darker shade like this! I was worried it would be sheer and look patchy on the nails. But there was no need to worry – this shade is just as pigmented as any of the shades in their normal line!

The formula is very similar to the normal line, which is a little thinner than their Gel Couture line. The color went on evenly and opaque – the only issue I had was with the brush, which seemed like it may have been unevenly cut, causing it to be a little more difficult to apply the color exactly where I wanted it!

With this application, I used the Essie Base Coat and CND Vinylux Top Coat to extend the life of the polish as much as I could! To my surprise, this polish lasted over a week on my nails with minimal chipping! It lasted longer than Gel Couture shades! With the original TLC polishes, I hadn’t used a base coat or top coat, which resulted in them chipping off after only a few days of wear. I’m not sure if the formula is completely different for this shade or if the base and top coat had that much of a difference on the wear!

Overall, I was extremely impressed with this polish! The beautiful plum shade looked great on the nails and lasted much longer than I had ever anticipated! I’m excited to try a few of the other new shades from this line!

What are your favorite shades from the TLC line? Let me know in the comments below! 😊


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