Month: March 2018

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Essie TLC Tone It Up Review + Swatch

After only releasing three original shades with their TLC line, Essie finally released a large collection with tons of different shades! I had purchased all three of the original shades and loved having them for when I wanted something sheer on my nails. The new releases from Essie included not only sheer shades, but also but colorful shades! Tone It Up was one of the first shades to really catch my eye!

Every Day Beauty, Featured, Makeup, Reviews, Swatches

Anastasia Taupe Dipbrow Pomade Review + Swatch

Filling in the brows is an essential step for those who may have sparse or light brows! By filling in and defining the brows, you can easily create the ultimate makeup look! I’ve always had thicker brows, but there are still some areas that need a little extra help. The Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade is one of my favorite products to achieve the perfect brow!